COVID-19 Medical Flight

With the onset of COVID-19, many medical services have been limited. However, we are readily equipped to accommodate coronavirus patients and recovered patients. Our coronavirus air ambulance service is available to any and all patients. Please enquire at the bottom of the page or fill out our quote form. Read on to learn more about the process of arranging a medical flight for covid positive patients.

Anyone needing a dedicated transport, like a coronavirus patient, will need to be transported on a private air ambulance. This way, we minimize contact with non-essential personnel and the outside world. The crew will assist and care for the patient at every step of the way.

It begins at the pick-up location, whether it be the hospital, facility, or the patient’s residence. We dispatch a ground ambulance and crew to pick up the patient. The team takes them to the airplane through a private airport entrance reserved for private flights. The medical flight crew loads the patient onto the air ambulance plane and flies with them to the final destination. Upon arrival, another ground ambulance team will be waiting. Finally, the patient arrives at their final destination, safe and sound.

Depending on the circumstance, the medical crew may decide to encapsulate the patient in a containment pod, for example the EpiShuttle by EpiGuard or the AirBoss IsoPod.

EpiShuttle Patient Isolations System

These patient isolation units ensure safe and comfortable medical transport for both the patient and crew. By isolating an infectious disease patient, their air supply is recycled and the infectious disease, like Coronavirus, is contained. Ensuring safety for both the flight crew and the patient. Access for caring for the patient is allowed through ports for patient convenience and medical care. These containment pods are also comfortable for the patient- with adjustable positioning and ports to pass food, water, and other objects.

No matter the issue, we are ready to help. Feel free to call us any time to discuss your concerns and questions about medical transportation.