Advanced Air Ambulance has earned a wonderful reputation among airline companies for taking excellent care of our patients on board those worldwide international commercial airliners, as we work tirelessly to make sure all details are taking care of prior and during each worldwide international air ambulance flights on board the airlines’ airplanes. This simple fact has made us the leader in providing Commercial-Airline Air-Medical-Stretcher Service.

Commercial-Airline Air-Medical-Stretcher Service is most needed when a patient becomes ill in a foreign country, or a foreigner needs to be medically air repatriated. Therefore, all medical air repatriation transports are only available on international flights via a few selected international airline carriers.

This worldwide airline stretcher option is extremely economical compared to Private Air Ambulance. The patients and their families could save tens of thousands of dollars utilizing this type of International Medical Air Transport on global airline airplanes.

We furnish a section on board the international commercial airplane, such as a Boeing 747 airplanes, this section is dedicated for the accommodation of the patient on a stretcher accompanied by our air ambulance professionals Air Medical Staff with Flight Medical Equipment. The patient will be isolated via a semi-private setting from the rest of the passengers on board the airplane. In addition, we will work out all the logistics with the global airline carrier to clear the patient for this medical flight, and provide all necessary documentation and equipment needed and required for this medical international flight as safe and smooth as possible.

With hundreds of worldwide flights on Commercial-Airline Air-Medical-Stretcher, Advanced Air Ambulance has developed close and outstanding relationships with many global commercial airline companies. This relationship makes it easy for airline ticketing, arrangements for all ground transports, moving in and out of the airplane, clearance with the airlines and airport authorities, and assistance with customs and immigration.

Our global air ambulance specialist team of ICU flight Registered Nurses, ALS flight Paramedics, Registered Respiratory Therapists, Physicians and other flight medical personnel are assigned to take over the patient’s care on the commercial airlines airplanes, based on the patient’s illness and medical condition. On top of our air medical care, we are able to assist our patients with air ambulance insurance payment for those patient air transport flights.