At Advanced Air Ambulance, we are equipped to offer many types of medical air transport services to suit your needs. Our medical flights and services include private air ambulances, medical stretchers on board commercial airlines for bed-bound or bedridden travelers, medical escorts such as flight nurses and flight paramedics to assist on commercial airline travel, and specialized services for neonatal medical flights or medical air transport for pediatric patients. You can rest assured that using our air evac services, we take your safety and experience very seriously. Our medical flight crew are HRS and EMS certified, experienced and knowledgeable. Flight crew are licensed and certified with many hours of flight experience.

Whichever scenario of medical air travel or private medflight air ambulance services is appropriate for the patient, we may offer our complete package of door-to-door service. Please read more about the different types of medflight air ambulance services and medical flights available and find which one is most appropriate for you, your patients, or your loved ones below. We could certainly answer all of your air medical transport questions with one phone call to our 24-hour central dispatch. You may also click on any of the services below to explore further.