Looking for Air Ambulance Service?

Choosing an air ambulance provider for your loved one is not an easy task. As a family member,
you are probably dealing for the first time, in your life, in selecting an air ambulance service
provider. While we understand that this could be a once in a lifetime experience for you, we
want to make sure that this process is seamless and as smooth as possible for you.
For your peace of mind, Advanced Air Ambulance has been around for 30 years. Providing
services to thousands of patients, we have earned the trust of hospitals, insurance companies
and family members around the world. We are proud of our clean impeccable record as we
never had any accidents or incidents in the past. Our staff is courteous, experienced and highly
trained. We have excellent aircraft availability around the clock with competitive prices.
In Addition to our complete bedside to bedside air ambulance service, there are many areas
where we could assist you with. Here are some important matters we could help you with to
ease the burden on you:

  • We could assist you in verifying coverage and benefits on the patient’s healthcare
    insurance policy. We may also assist in getting pre-authorization when possible.
  • Once the transport is completed, we will assist in submitting a claim to the insurance on
    behalf of the patient. Check with our flight coordinators for details.
  • We are also able to coordinate with the receiving medical facility. If you are looking for a
    receiving facility to accept the patient, we could make some recommendations for you.
    We would like to give you a quick sample of three (3) simple steps of how our air ambulance
    service is provided to ensure worry-free complete bedside to bedside service:
  1. When you call to arrange for an air ambulance flight, one of our flight air ambulance
    specialists will get some basic information on the patient, then forward this information to the
    flight medical department who will obtain a medical briefing from the patient’s medical care
    provider and later assign the flight medical crew accordingly.
  2. We then arrange for the ground ambulance transportation to pick up the patient at bedside.
    Once your loved one has been transported to the airport, the flight medical crew will safely
    transfer him/her onto the air ambulance aircraft. The crew will secure the patient on the air
    ambulance stretcher with all needed medical equipment. Family member(s) and companion(s)
    may fly along as well.
  3. The medical flight crew will check the patient’s vital signs to be certain that all adjustments
    are completed before takeoff. Once in the air, the patient is closely monitored by the medical
    flight crew. Upon arrival to the destination airport, an awaiting ground ambulance will be at the
    airport to transport the patient to a receiving facility or to a private residence.

We are sure you may have many other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any
time as our flight specialist are available everyday around the clock.